Saturday, October 1, 2011


And a beautiful day it was. Just a few degrees less than yesterday.
But again not the time to sit down and have some sun colour my skin.
Appointments for the next week are made or have been requested.
Dinner was sober, but tasted marvellous.

In the evening I had the time to roam a bit on internet. I would love to talk more about my experiences with buddhism with someone right opposite me, find a teacher. But there seem to be only very commercial and rich buddhists in my town. A 100 euro for a course of 6 evenings. No way we can afford that.

So I was enjoying the silence and asking myself what will happen in the buddjist area, so I can become a better person, when one of my sons came in and told me someone we know of my age had a stroke.
We all felt very sorry and I said I wanted to go with him when he's going to visit.
I think his family can do with someone who is able to listen and who can provide a hug.


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