Saturday, September 17, 2011

A special air force day

Yesterday I went with my 2 oldest sons to the air force base in the north of the country to attend one of their public days.

It was a huge event with lots of f16 stunts, helicopter dances and displays of every single part of the air forces, and some of the ground forces and marine too.

I didn't expect the boys taking so much time to research...yep to research, each single shop and stands for all sorts of items.
When I'd found a pin to add to my collection of spitfire items, I was perfectly OK. Especially as I already bought a cap of this year's event for my collection and one for one of the kids at home.

Maybe I've seen more of the shows than the boys. While they were turning badges, screening emblems and more of those items, I enjoyed the sun and tried to hear each plane that approached before I could see it.
I'm very much against war, but I understand why nations defend themselves and train to do so. During the day I could see how special the bond between groups of the young people is and how the enthousiasm drove the pilots to show off...a lot!

When we were allowed to enter a dark room to experience the night binoculars, it presented nothing new to me. I already know the system. I didn't know however that I could see without those binoculars more than enough to find my way in the dark and see people approach me, even when they couldn't see me.
I thought I'd lost the ability to see well in the dark, but it has even grown better.
My son couldn't see anything without his nightviewer. Wow!

I interviewed one of the men of the weatherservice of the air force. Which was quite some fun as he started out with the idea that the person in front of him didn't know anything about his work. Pity. Not only is one of my nephews a very honored pilot, but I've always been very interested in the relationship between the space shuttle and weather conditions. It was fun to ask him some good questions and if I'd worked for one of the national papers he'd been in problems with what he said about applicants for a jon there and those who worked there. I had the luxury of sticking to the ethics I've set for myself.

The day also contained an unexpected encounter.
I'll write about that later.


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