Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday again

No space debris on our heads today. So we were lucky.
Until now no one has found a large piece of the old satelite and some people here are speculating about the USA shooting the satelite debris in a thousand, ready to burn away, pieces.

After weeks, what do I say, almost a whole summer of grey days, we had a wonderful sunny day. It was really hot. Above 20 degrees celcius.

We went to Germany to get the groceries and hopped in a shop where I found a very nice sweater. Didn't fit me, but one of my daughters wanted to try it on and she looked amazing! I felt really old, realising that I was so proud to see her that handsome, and that I still had "nothing to wear".

On our way back we took another way out of the city and had a wonderful trip back through the countryside. The light was amazing.


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