Saturday, September 3, 2011

Press conference in the middle of the night

The Dutch government gave a press conference in the middle of the night to explain ICT problems which presumably have only hit governmental sites of The Netherlands.
According to the minister the firm that delivers safety certificates on internet was hacked by iranian hackers. It was suggested it was to spy on iranian people in The Netherlands. It was suggested that the Iranian government had been able to monitor email from gmail accounts, for instance.
The press conference was not only at an unusual hour, but it was also a bit chaotic. Maybe because the minister is not an ICT expert. He came straight from a meeting, with his tie and coat far from as tidy as usual.

Questions from journalists were limited. Ofcourse they asked why the sites are not taken offline. The answer was that it was not necessary, that it would hinder internet traffic between governmental departments (so what...when that traffic is not safe?). There was also an unclear statement about internetbrowsers that would make sites unaccessable, and other issues that are not of real importance.
When a journalist asked if it would be wise not to go to governmental sites the minister first said no, later he acknowledged it would be wise.

Personally I don't care of they're able to see if we have to pay a lot of taxes or not, or if they want to plant more trees in our cities. As long as they don't increase the taxes I'm OK with it. LOL!

My main concern lies in the safety of the country and that issue was not discussed, and should be addressed. Were the sites of the national intelligence, the army, and other safety departments also involved?

Clear was that the firm already knew at july 19 that something was wrong and they failed to inform the police or the owners of the sites who were using wrong certificates.

I think this press conference raised more questions than it solved problems.


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