Friday, September 9, 2011

My second earthquake

It was just one of those evenings.

One of the girls was upstairs making homework, one of the boys was upstairs at his computer, we (2 kids, mom and dad) were downstairs. On of the other boys, the photographer, came in and he was still standing in the room, telling us about a very large order he got, almost ready to go to his brother to ask for a special cable for his computer.
Then suddenly we heard a strange noise and something falling, either at the neighbours or at the attick. I thought that someone was coming down the stairs in a rather ungraceful way and then the couch and floor started shaking like a short wave. The orchid on the table shook too as did a lamp.
I immediately realised it was an earthquake.

The epicentre was at a place we were yesterday afternoon.
We drove another way home from the shops and landed in an unknown area.
At a certain place I felt very unconfortable, even though there was no reason at all. I said that we needed to leave the area as soon as possible, even though I didn't know why.
Kind of creepy.

Today at a shalow depth the earth started to move. The magnitude of the quake was 4,5.
Nothing special for certain areas at the world, but for here it's huge. In fact that was the third large quake ever here.

My second one.


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