Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Money for cancer research

Volunteers collected money for cancer researh. It was about 60.000 euro.
Even though the building where the boxes with the money were kept was full with safety equipment, thieves found their way and stole the boxes with money.

One of the national dj's was so shocked that he spontaneously said during his radio program that he would stay at his job as long as necessary to collect 60.000 euro.
That was at 16.00 hours.

He thought he needed to stay up all night, but at 20.30 hours, so 4 and a half hours later, he had already collected 63.000 euro's.
He was very impressed by the way people reacted. He never expecetd such a positive comments from people all over the country.

The thieves are not found yet.
But I think they should get psychiatric treatment for stealing money that is so clearly meant to help lots of people.


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