Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking forward to...

A few years ago I applied for a place for both girls at an organisation for siblings of handicapped people.
A few times a year a special day is organised for the siblings to give them a chance to be the centre of attention, to relax, and to forget about the special challenges life has for them.

Last time it was a day for of games and sports, but they also had a survival event and a make over including a new hairdo.

A new event is scheduled for november 5th and it involves a talent show. In the letter that announed the day some parts are very suggestive for a celebrity taking part in the event.

The kids didn't know if they should jump from joy or cry like babies.
One of the talent shows on TV hosts a few judges that are absolutely NOT popular. They impress as stupid and not knowledgeable on the subjects at all.

I said that maybe they are acting different away from the cameras.
What would you have said?


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