Monday, September 19, 2011

Just an ordinairy september sunday

The temperatures are dropping a bit. It's clearly autumn.
It's strange to say after such a dull and grey summer.
I wish I had a good camera to take pictures in the late afternoons, when the light just catches the tops of the grass, making the world green and silver.
The camera I got as a present started to get episodes of stubbornness. The whole thing blocks when I want to take pictures outside.
It would be nice to work alongside my son as a photographer, but with a camera like mine it's impossible. So I dream...and keep on dreaming. :)

I started messing up the house, to put summerclothes away and put autumnclothes instead and winterclothes ready.
With one of the sons plainning to move out his stuff has to be organised in a different way and I can't put his stuff together with the clothes of his brother, like I used to do.

Added to that other changes make it all even more complicated.
Other hobbies and even another way of living.

I've offered to volunteer at an international organisation, but only at special days and near home, so that's not such an issue.
But I'll also start to work at the paper of a friend and that will take more time. For as long as necessary I'll take it upon me to run his paper. As a gift, in return for all he did. He never got a cent, nor will I. But it's important to keep an independent voice.
And I love the challenge.

So my whole household needs to be reorganised.
I can put certain things away, other things need to be more available.

The next years will bring even more changes, as the girls will finish school and move on.
And you all know my dreams... :)

The first chestnuts have fallen. The pine in the back garden is loaded, so we can expect some downfall there too.

I have to cut some of the shrubs in the garden and prepare it for winter.

There's so much to do and no extra time.
Parent's evenings, meetings, and making ends meet so we can have some extra's in december.
It won't be much as the recession has hit the country hard. But we can deal with that. We have each other.


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