Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good news

One of my sons, the photographer, is going to work at the local radio and TVorganisation.
He's very happy about it and so are we.

The past year he took it upon him to go to fires, accidents and other events and take photos.
Gradually the fireworkers accepted him and the past months they helped him to move relatively free around an object. Because of that he was able to help our own dentist to get his insurance in motion.

Often he was sooner at location than the other press earning respect. And because of his young age he got shots no one else had. Including a very nice photo of the queen.

So with a filled portfolio and his cv he went to the meeting, the guy recognised him and he got the job, including an option on the photo of the queen.

It's fun to see the movement of the family towards journalistic work.
He's doing work for the radio and TV, and my oldest and I are running the local paper with a few others.



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