Friday, September 2, 2011

Fresh fruits

One of the main challenges of being a mom of a large family is seeing that each and every child gets enough fresh fruits and other foods which are health promoting.

I have to say it has always been a joy to get all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables.
When the first baby was born and ready for some fruit, I went to the market and got myself a few fresh bananas. The farmer who sold it to me enjoyed giving me the best and he did.

When I was pregnant again he always gave me a few apples "all for you and not for others" and when the season was over he always had a few for me in his car. He kept them at a special place to keep them well.
Such sweet memories.

Not all of my children feel inclined to take an apple or other piece of fruit when they see it.
Especially my autistic son needs some motivation, and preparation of the fruit to make him eat it.
So we peel his apples in a nice way, put raisins in oranges to create eyes and nose, and take other efforts to make fruit fun.

Last week however we found a new way to make him enjoy fruit.
We bought a basket with fruit and vegetables for a friend who was healing from surgery.
Our friend loved it and offered my son an apple.
Without thinking my son ate the apple and he said he really liked it.
I can't remember the last time he enjoyed his fruit as much.

So since then we put the apples in a basket and make him pick one.
That works perfect.


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