Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flowers I love

I absolutely love orchids and dahlia's, but they were not on my mind when we went shopping.
The grocery list in my head was a mix of what we needed for ourselves and what the oldest sons wanted us to bring too.
With less money to spend, I was on the look out for special offers; with the girls going to school again I was looking for healthy snacks to eat between lessons.
My mind was certainly not with the other shops in the area, so I felt a bit irritated when we were told to bring the empty bottles to another building. What a loss of time and energy, especially with the rain and wwind.

But when we were near the building we saw there was a gardencentre beside it.
OK, we noticed that before, but never consciously paid attention to it.

We got curious and went in.
We left with the flowers I love: a dahlia, orchid and hydrangea and with a plastic bag with packages with small beads for ten cents each instead of two euro each.
If I had more money I would have bought the whole place as empty as could be, becaus ethe prizes were so low....


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