Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fish oil a no-no?

Until now it was not known why some people could deal with multiple courses of chemoptherapy and others showed a growing resistance.

It's now known that fish oil is the influence that puts the lives of people with cancer at risk.

Our bodies produce fatty acids themselves as a consequence of chemotherapy. Not much, just a bit.
Adding fish oil, especially with omega 3 and/or omega 6, or other substances containing fatty acids, like algae, to our diet is not healthy at all, as some people claim. At least not for cancer patients.

The mechanism by which the fatty acids make the body resistant against chemotherapy is still unknown, but research has shown the effect, and it's alarming.
So professor Emile Voest from the university of Utrecht advices cancer patients to be very aware that supplements they can buy in the supermarket can be dangerous.

The researchgroup also found certain chemicals that keep the body from building resistance. More reserach needs to be done, but the outlook is very promissing.

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