Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Financial prognosis for 2012

Today was the opening of the new year of the Dutch parliament/governmental year.
It was the Dutch day of the parade of the hats, but I didn't have any attention for them. That's a first in a very, very long time.

Next year we will be hit by many cutbacks.
To mention just 6:
  • We're in the wrong income group. The middle group will suffer the most.
  • Higher medical costs for those with chronic diseases.
  • Handicapped people won't get the same amount of support as they had or should get.
    That's one of the kids at home hurt very hard. And maybe those that live elsewhere need to be either supported or to come home. (Where do they need to sleep? Share the bath as a sleeping place?)
  • Studying will be more expensive...meaning impossible university studies.
    That's one of the girls influenced in her future plans forever.
  • No increased income next year.
  • Less psychological sessions, far higher psychiatric costs.
An additional problem is that the european union created a law that people of our income can't rent a house anymore. We have always lived rented as does the largest part of our fellow countrymen. And it was a free choice to do so. We wanted to be able to move houses when it was necessary for the children or their father's job without all the problems of selling and buying. One of the neighbours opposite the street has his house on the market for almost two years now. When one wants to move for a job or a school two years is far too long.
Because of the new rule we're stuck. We don't have the capital to buy. When we leave our house we can't rent. So we have to stay here or move abroad.

So it's one worry after another or to live by the day.

So let's enjoy the sunlight and the air which are still free.


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