Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dressing up?

More than a month ago I saw people blogging about halloween, and when I was surfing online yesterday I saw quite some posts about what the children and the parents themselves would wear for halloween.

But would you wear a halloween costume in the privacy of your own bedroom? I bet you won't.
For those who would I recommend french maid outfits.
The decent ones will be perfect for a costume party, when you dare to wear them, and with the right stockings and hairdo also good for at home.

I remember that as a child I didn't care to be a waitress.
To me the best way to dress up was being a nurse.
I took it very serious, because I really wanted to be a nurse. And I was very happy to receive bandages and a lot of other things that friends and family gave me. Now I guess it was old material saved from the waste bin. But then I felt like the sister of the queen who worked for the red cross. Isn't that cute?


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