Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The time that I almost as a pioneering phanatic each day the papers fully opened and the columns eagerly read in a hunger to be inspired, to learn and to be gifted with a complete other view on life is over.
Since the right wing politician here in The netherlands started to call one of the world religions a threat to peace and autonomy of my country my interest in the opinions of other columnists faded.
There were too many parrallels with the time right before the outbreak of WW2 and we all know what brought that to us. And the fact that that politician felt the need to be protected all hours of the day didn't fill me with awe or pity, but wth the thought that he was a ridiculous idiot to think he was as important that all those he looked down on whould grasp up to ty a rope around his throat.

The only positive effect of the presence of this guy in politics is that he's revealed that the tolerance in my country was nothing more than egoism and a complete lack of care for other people of a large part of the inhabitants.
The brainless crows cheer for he who yells loudest, regardless if his messages have any content or not.
Are you able to sniff the resemblance with the past?

Today I broke with the newest habit of not reading other columnists and enjoyed myself to bits.
Thomas von der Dunk wrote in the Volkskrant a great opinionated article and I even forgot my cup of coffee when reading, which is the best proof of great quality of writing.

While scribling this my internetcomnection is lost, but I'll refrain from complaining about our internet and internet-safety issues and post this article first thing in the morning.

Good night.


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