Thursday, September 29, 2011

The boy

Suddenly the house seemed to tremble because the doorbell rang so loud that even the spiders under the roof tried to close their ears.
Immediately the noise was followed by loud knocking on the door with relative great force.
I hurried to the door, but when I arrived in tha hall I saw it was just a small boy disturbing the quietness of the warm afternoon.

When I opened the door he showed an attitude that was far greater than his height. The look in his eyes was clearly one of intolerance and impoliteness.

"Where is the fire?"

He was caught of guard. "Fire?"

"Yes, only when there's an emergency people are allowed to behave like you just did."


It was clear he was not willing to change his attitude, nor was I.
So I told him we don't have a chair behind the door so we can open as soon as someone is standing there.
He stayed impolite, and dared to ask if I would buy something from him.

"No, not from people who behave like that."

I guess his parents forgot to teach him how to deal witgh doorbells.


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