Saturday, August 20, 2011

You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

1. In a relationship, have you ever hung in even when you knew for sure it was over?

Yep, because a relationship comes in different kinds and I think that when you can change a friendship into a relationship you can change it back too. or in other words: learn and move on in respect for what was and in respect for what is.

2. If you had the ability to perpetually alleviate any pain on your body, what would it be?

My left hip always hurts. Most of the time I can deal with it well, but it's not convenient.

3. What place would you visit if money were no object?

Nepal, Tibet, Mali, the north/ or southpole...Oh I can go on for hours!

4. What is one thing you would love to change about yourself?

Just one thing?

5. Do you think your parents were too strict growing up?

Uh? Huh? Is that english?
Do you mean if they were too strict in raising me?
My mom was far too fixated in keeping the house clean that she forgot to live in it.

6. In general, how many old friends do you have that you talk to at least once a year?

When I count them I will wait for them.
Enough, that's the best answer for me, enough.

7. What was the last compliment you received?

Just a few minutes ago one of the kids said that she was happy with me as a mom, as I'm always available to have a good talk.

8. Have you ever told someone you loved them but didn't really mean it?


9. In your opinion, would it be harder to lose someone close to you more as a child or harder as an adult?

What a disrespectful question.
Every grief is painful and it's not a contest.

I've miscarried, lost a child during birth and one after two days.
I also lost my dad, my favorite gram, dear friends and a lot of others.
Each person was important in his or her own way.

Have a nice weekend!

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