Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where is he?

Remember I wrote about a dear friend who is fighting cancer?
Yesterday my son, who works for his paper, told me he will be absent from the paper for seven to nine months.

Well, his wife won't be pregnant, and we can't think of anything else, than that the cancer is back and he'll be ondergoing chemotherapy again.
He's the kind of person who doesn't want to bother other people and wants to ignore his feelings completely. So when there's a problem he dives away and can't be found by his best friends.

I've learned to respect his way of coping, even though I don't agree.

This time we saw it coming and two weeks ago we had a nice evening together.
I'm very grateful for these memeories.

I'm also happy I was able to keep my mouth shut and I didn't ask him about his health.
Maybe, maybe he realises that and he'll follow up on his promiss to attend the friends- and family BBQ.

When I was preparing dinner my thoughts were with him, and when using my large knife to cut vegetables, I was not paying enough attention and I badly hit my thumb. Ofcourse I reacted immediately and well. The wound bled out well and then I was able to press the wound together under pressure, so the bleeding stopped after a while.
I hope it keeps OK during the night. Otherwise I need to go to the doc and have it stitched.

I didn't need this as there's far too much to do at home at the moment.
With the kids at school there's finally time to make huge changes in the house. And that also involves cleaning. Sigh. I have to stay away from the water for at least a couple of days. Grrrr.



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