Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The warning came in time

The friendly summerweather we used to have is a memory of the past.
No, I haven't forgotten those grey days with the eternal lasting soft drizzle that soaked everything, including the good temper of all who dared to enter the outer space.
But it was a mild disaster during a long vacation, and we didn't care to spend a day with colouringbooks and puzzles.

The past years the weather has changed, or should I say the climate?
In spring we had two or three weeks of old fashioned summerweather and then the monsoonseason we shouldn't have as we live in the wrong part of the world started.
Enormous amounts of water falling down with force, destroying the roses, young apples and closing the ground before it could even get soaked leaving us afterwards with such a high humidity that we could almost touch it.

Gradually we're encountering the same conditions as in the hurricane alley.
Rising high temperatures, meeting a thick conversionlayer, giving rise to forceful dropping winds and lots of thunder and lightning.
It's not only the hot summer evening that leads to bad weather, but also the moderate grey day and it's as if we're not living in our old fashioned sea climate anymore.

Just a few minutes ago a friend warned me that bad weather was coming our way.
His night seemed to be almost day, he said, and he meant that lightning was repeating and long lasting.

It's here now.
Long bars of yellow light crossing the sky in a hurry.

I have to go now, so I can switch of the washing machine and prevent unwanted situations.




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