Thursday, August 25, 2011

The toothbrush

The girls left for a party at a friend, where they also stay the night with their friends.
When they'd left one of the boy s suddenly realised he didn't see his toothbrush and he told me to phone the girls and tell them to come back.

Haha! No way!

He was sure one of them took his toothbrush.
He was not worried about her getting some terrible disease when she would use his toothbrush, but he was angry it was his toothbrush she took.

I told him he would get a new one as I had a package in my drawer, and when he started to ask me what kind of toothbrush I walked away.

An hour later I looked in the new bathroom cabinet, and guess what I found?
An old toothbrush which was identified by his majesty himself as being his one.
When I tell you I asked if he's brushed his shoes with it, you know how it looked like. The hairs bended to all sides but the good one.

Without any words I gave him a new one too.

Now I wonder which one he'll use tonight. LOL!


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