Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talent shows

We're surrounded by talent shows.
Singing, ballroom dancing, ballet and even cooking are all subject for display on the screen.

The whole country is gazing at people who either firmly believe they're better than others or who want to try to get attention.

Their rockingchair opinions and comments are underlined by seemingly professional judgments of people who are either real or wannabee professionals and should be subjected to judgment themselves.

Here in one of the shows a woman who has been a singer and a pin-up, and who has never ever left her artistical comfort zone of sing-a-longs and middle rate songs, judges people with real talent as being boring and comments on the Peer Gynt Suite in a way that brings every music lover either to tears or an outburst of sarcastic laughter. She judges singers, dancers and other artists like she knows it all. And she clearly doesn't.

I'll save my comments on the other judges for later. If necessary, because they're of the same background.

I don't understand why people watch these shows.


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