Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop generalising!

It makes me feel so sad that youngsters are riotting in England and destroying the possessions of others.
It's so meaningless.

But what makes me even feel worse is the fact that people of my generation are starting to talk like those old fashioned grans of us many, many years ago. You know, the ones who said that telephones were of no use and who didn't know that smoking was bad, and they brought up healthy kids nevertheless.

They saw young people in the sixties and seventies using emtpy houses, wearing strange clothes and throwing smoke bombs on the streets. Those were not the same people per se, but for the use of bad talk it was easy to throw them all together.
Those young people would become nothing much, it was said. They were crap, bad news, etc etc.

Now most of them wear suits, are proper fathers and mothers and do well.

I remember I hated it when those old-aunts bowed their heads above their teacups with bitter black tea and started to talk about young people like we were all the same and like we were all smashing the windows of freedom and democracy ourselves.
No wonder they were surprised by my good schoolresults. (And I always assumed it was because they thought that a girl with my looks would never be able to use her brains.)

I have never ever thrown a stone to a human being. Honest.
I never took part in riots. Too afraid to do so.
And I was just part of the huge majority of young people who behaved well and who respect other people and were nice, very nice. Maybe too nice.

My gram stood up for me and my majority and told the people of her age to grow up and use their brains and not to generalise.

It's my turn now.

Stop generalising!
Yes, it's awful what's happening at some places in the UK.
Yes, I do think they've completely lost it.

But don't you dare to speak of a lost generation!

I've got a nice bunch of kids who would never ever do something like that.
Nor would their friends and their friend's friends.

The majority of the kids of today are good kids.
Wonderful young people who deserve our trust and respect.

Stop generalising!

Don't let a small, very small numer define a whole generation.


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