Sunday, August 7, 2011

So nice

Back from putting papers away, getting letters from the mailbox and giving the plants some well deserved water at a friend's house, a neighbour asked me about my mala.

I often wear my mala, my buddhist prayer beads, either at my left wrist or just around my neck. Most often around my neck as a neckace, so they won't get dirty during my work.
It's not to show off, or make other people aware I'm a buddhist. It's just because I like to have them with me. That's all.

The neighbour of my friends asked me if I was wearing those beads just for fun or with an intention. So I told her and told her that I collect them too.
She smiled. And told me she was also collecting malas.
Isn't that a coincidence?

We had a good talk about the way we see life and live it, and then she said she liked my children very much. She doesn't know the boys well, but she can always see the children play and visit the children of my friend.
"They're such a nice and kind children. They're so caring and are always willing to help others. They're so nice."

I was so glad to hear that.
Especially as it came from here.


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