Monday, August 15, 2011

Smoking a cigar is special.

Last week the media reported that cigarette smoking has declined below the 25%. A lowest percentage of the population since WW2.
I was a bit amazed, as there are so many people standing outside public buildings smoking a cigarette, that I would have believed that the highest percentage smokers ever was reached.

Maybe one of the reasons is that more people, including women, have discovered fuente cigars.
One of my uncles smoked them and he said they were the best.
He preferred one large cigar above a few packages of cigarettes, he always said.

So did we, women, around him.
The whole ritual of taking a cigar out of the box, taking the tip off, receiving the band (yes, I collected them) and lightning it, was calming and a bit of magic.
The fragrance, not the smell, the fragrance of the cigar would fill his office gradually, his face relaxed, and often he would open his drawer and take something out for those present.

He travelled a lot and never forget the people he loved.
I remember one afternoon in summer. We had sold a few bicycles and one motorbike. I was five, and had the feeling I was as much a part of everyday business, when I was there, as everyone else.
He opened his drawer and called the others who were in the shop and repairstation.
The men were inviated for a drink after work, and then send off.
The women all got a lace handkerchief. They were awesome.
I've kept mine and it's still in the box. A silent memory of times gome by.

He also gave me a set of handkerchiefs for every day use with the names of the day on them.

I remember sitting there with a glas of lemonade, between the tea drinking women. The delightful fragrance of his cigar surrounded us and mixed with the chatter of us all.
It could have been just a teabreak, but it was pure relaxation.

An art many people have forgotten.


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