Monday, August 15, 2011

Should mom volunteer?

Should mom volunteer at the building camp of her kids?

It's one of the questions I've been asked this week.

We don't have as much summer events, camps and summerschool here as in many other countries. Children have to play together or when they're lucky they can go with their parents on vacation.

During the last week of the vacation day activities are organised at many places, mainly building events.
Children between 6 and 12 are provided with wood, fabric and other things they need and the larger ones are allowed to nail the whole lot together, under supervision, so they won't endanger themselves nor others.

Volunteers are always welcome.
So it's easy to say for a mom, when she's got the time, that she wants to volunteer.

Ofcourse she should do so when she likes it. Why not?
But should she do it at the group of her child?

She can watch her kid, comfort it when it gets hurt, and keep an eye if it drinks and eats enough.

But there's a big "but".

Events like these are great opportunities for your child to compare their behaviour with kids their own age, to level with them and to learn age appropriate behaviour.
The best way is dealing with kids their own age, without mom influencing spontaneity at all.

Children also need to learn independency.
Going to school is one step. Going to a building event is another.
Children not only deal with familiar children, but also with new ones.
They learn to know each other, depend on each other and care for each other.

There is enough supervision for mom not to be around and give her child some space.

If she still wants to volunteer she can do so at another building event or at the other side of the area.



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