Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not just a bit of rain

One of the girls needed a new balletsuit and as we had the car today it was an easy decision to go today.
The weather was not interesting at all. It was very hot and very humid. But in the car, with the windows open, it was bearable.

It was relatively easy to find a parking place and soon we walked through the narrow streets of a town nearby. A nice wind was blowing and people were cheerful.
Someone was selling wonderful crochet baby clothes, in our favorite buddha shop the woman had something nice against a stuffed nose, some indian medicine, and in our favorite english shop I found a roomspray which was better treated as pure perfume and ofcourse a little bag with delightful fudge.

My daughter found the balletsuit she needed and she was even surprised with a lovely plastic bag around it and to finish the afternoon we went to her favorite shop.

We were aware of the dark clouds gathering above us.
We knew the weatherforecast, so we knew we could get some rain.

And then suddenly it became silent in the streets.
A strange feeling of expectancy filled the air, like when the animals get silent before a solar eclipse.

Then it started to rain. Within minutes the street was filled with water and looked like a river. The sound of the rain was overpowering.
We bought a few umbrellas and decided to walk to the car, because the parkingtime was almost over and we didn't want a ticket.

The rain got worse and worse. People came out of their houses to see it. It was almost a moviescene.

The umbrella couldn't deal with the enormous power of the downpouring rain. I was soaked completely, but the temperature was still high, so it didn't really matter.
We had to wade through the water to reach the car, so my shoes are gone.

It took more than 5 minutes waiting before we got see a bit more than a rainwall.

At home I found out that the medicinal stuff smelled the same as the perfumy roomspray. Quite interesting....


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