Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No camping

The girls were invited to camp out with a couple of their friends at the place of one of their grandparents.
They had everything packed and ready and the phone went.
Plans were changed. They were invited for the day, but not for the nights.

So they had to unpack most of their campinggear and could take their small rugsack with them with their stuff.

They would be fetched between 9.30 and 10.30. (Nono, no need to bring them.)
Nothing happened and in my mind I was already making plans to give them a nice day and erase the disappointment, when finally at 12 they were fetched.

I'm glad there's no need for me to catch a train with these people.
Ofcourse I think they have the right excuse for dealing with their invitation this way, but kids that age make plans and have a lot of fun beforehand and it was all for nothing.

When they came home they were tired, but told us they had a good day, even though they had a thunderstorm twice (like we did) and a lot of rain.

I'm happy for them.


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