Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Need I say more?

There once was a time that drilling straight through a wall was a major, unforgivable disaster. Doing it twice was complete failure of manhood. LOL! (Until we heard more men in this neighbourhood drilled straight through a wall...)

Since then life has taught us some interesting lessons.
One of them was that a kid can make a mistake and be forgiven by her parents, but that people with power can and will act upon their own views, feel no need to distinguish between fact and fiction and act like their own ideas are more important than real life itself.
I still feel amazed that in a western country power is in the hands of people who are not able to use thorough self-reflection, not at the individual level and not as a professional group.
We entered a way of living we didn't expect to experience and its sad to say that I discovered a world of suffering so deep, that I have no words for it. The stories people have told me won't be kept untold, but it will take many years for changes to take place, as some people rather protect their livinghood than stare their own mistakes in the face.
Worse: other people act on their writings like they are the ultimate truth.

Well, even though they have influneced our lives in a very bad way I can say it's their karma.

I feel hurrt they could even assume we would hurt our children, but they don't know our deepest feelings and I didn't feel any need to share them with those people.
No need to be confronted again with their lack of empathy and compassion.

Today it was 24 years ago that a lovely baby girl was born.
The colour of her eyes was that of the water of the lake nearby.
During the night she looked around like she was imprinting her surroundings in her memory. She studied my face with utter care.
Don't tell me babies can't see. That would only make her more special.

She died the next day.

We were devastated.

After such an experience children become even more precious.

Need I say more?



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