Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We can be grateful that the weather organisation has informed us that we can expect a true musquito plaque at the end of the week.
The past month has been rather cold and humid, in fact both temperature and humidity broke all records, so the month has been grey, sad and wonderful for young musquitos.
Now that weather has been followd by very high temperatures and lots of humidity, those young ones have grown very fast and well. And they're ready to invade our houses and break our skin open to get to the wonderful warm red liquid, so they can feed their new young ones.

So today, as soon as I heard the warning, I inspected the garden and found a few places where the last rainwater was collected. I'm sorry for the birds, but I emptied them all, and made a birth bath that will be cleaned each day.

Then I inspected the windows and the special wave curtains. They're all closed well.

Problem are the doors...and the lake nearby.

Can't empty that.


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