Monday, August 15, 2011

Maternity clothing not just for pregnant women

Shall I tell you a secret?
Whenever I go shopping I always have a good look at the maternity clothing. Especially the blouses.


They're not made in such large quantities as normal fit, and because of that they're more in fashion and you won't encounter a woman with the same item as often as when you buy something from a regular size.

I often encounter women who compliment me with my blouse and ask where I've bought it.
Almost without exception they're dealing with a normal figure with wide hips. With regular sizes there's a choice between too wide at the top or too small at the hips. Most of them wear a t-shirt with an open blouse over it and they're dying to wear something nice that fits.

Sometimes I have to make a slight adjustment. because there's plenty of space for the baby in the front of the blouse, it hangs a little lower in the front when I wear it compared to the back. You have to adjust it between the two side-seams. Usually folding it in a straight line and seaming it along that line will do. But you have to make sure before cutting first.

When you know your sizes you can buy online without any problem. There are so many beautiful maternity clothes in comfortable fabric that I'm sure you'll be able to find something.



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