Friday, August 12, 2011

How it's made

Confronted with the most terrible vacationweather one could imagine we're doing things we almost never do.
I'm not talking about boardgames or something like that, but about watching TV.

One of the most favorite programs is an Australian one: How it's made.

It's about the way products are made in factories. In details the whole productionprocess is shown and explained.
Not only extraordinary products are shown, like champaign or carrying bags for golf equipment, but also every day products like pencils, baking pans and bicycles.

I grew up in a time that we saw the planter plant, and the farmer milking the cows himself. I was able to stay beside the shoemaker and see how he was sowing the soles on the rest of the shoe. I always forgot the time when I was able to see good handcrafter work. And it came in handy later in life. No need to spend a lot of money to have my schoolbags made. I could do it myself. I've even made shoes myself.

But where can you go nowadays to see something made step by step?

It's nice to see the same fascination that caught me so many years ago is still alive in the children.



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