Friday, August 26, 2011

He's looking for a job in his profession, she's not.

One of our sons finished his studies as security guard.
It's a pity that at the hospital where he worked no empty workplaces were available. So he started to look around and went to the organisation that is supposed to help people find work.

He went with his father and they had a talk with a nice woman who offered to pay for his driver's license when he could hand her the guarantee of an employer that he would have work for at least a year.

So he wrote applications. But it's summervacationtime and not many have fully working personell services.
And things are not settled within a week.

She we less nice at the second appointment. Took her words back that she would pay for his driver's license. She now said she would put it forward in a meeting.
And she told him that he should consider other work, like wharfbuilding and such.

Both his father and he were flabbergasted and didn't know what to say.

My son studied another subject before security, but due to the recession he couldn't find a place for practical training and he had to stop there.
I guess that woman forgot that, otherwise she would never have tiold him to look for another profession. Here in The Netherlands people are only allowed a limited amount of time to study and my son has used almost all that time.
That would mean that he has to spend the rest of his life doing a job where he is not certified for, so that means a life of underpayment and threat of lossing his job as the first one. Not a very secure basis, isn't it?

Instead of helping my son to find work after his studies she acts like he came there to ask for another profession.

Because I've heard the same story from other people too, I've mailed her and asked her to explain her actions.

I guess the vacation is over now.
The girls will get their schoolbooks tomorrow.


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