Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He needed pills.

It was good I went offline last evening, because the weather was really bad.
It thundered and lightened all night and I hardly slept.

So I was in time up and around to go with one of the girls to the dentist.
I was not quite happy our usual one didn't discuss sending them to a new one in his practice. He should have, as one of the girls has some inborn dental errors. The new guy nearly had a fit when he saw them and he went to our usual dentist with all his emotions on top, as one of the assistants told us. She nearly asked him if he wanted some tranquilizers or weight loss pills to alleviate the burden on his heart.

The new guy still has a lot to learn.
He almost fell on top of us asking if we knew that and if we'd gone to the orthodontist, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, ofcourse!!!

He could have a bit more tactical. I'm so glad he wasn't the one who discovered it all.

He agreed completely with our decision to opt for implants when she's 18, and have a cap on one of the teeth.
After that he finally came to rest enough to be able to work on the hole in her tooth. LOL!

When we left it was rather dark outside, like it was about to rain.
But it was quite warm and we took our time.
We even managed to take the first chestnuts of the year with us and took our time to study the sky. Lightning already started, and it came from everywhere when we entered the garden and the first drops of rain fell on us.

Nothing special these days.
But then it got very dark, as dark as late in the evening and we needed to switch the lights on to see where we were going in the house.

The weather was awful!

Later we heard that lightning struck a house near where my oldest lives. We've heard the thunder.



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