Monday, August 29, 2011

First schoolday

They only needed to go to school to fetch the schedules and meet their group and groupteacher, but that didn't mean they needed less time to prepare.
Girls and fashion, was the main theme this morning.
Were they lucky to be expected at school at 13.00 hours instead of 8.30 hours.

Those extra hours of preparation paid off though.
Their hairs were done to the latest fashion, their denim jeans looks fine, especially with the yellow box sandals to complete the legs.

Last year all their friends were wearing the same top, this year they had the same shoes.
Don't think no one saw them. Everyone saw them at the end of the endless legs.

Ofcourse we had to deal with administrative errors. One of the girls got two different schedules, the other was suddenly a subject richer. She didn't make the choice for music, but someone else did.

Tomorrow they'll start with a relaxing day with their group and group teacher. But it'll be a long day.
I bet I will miss them.


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