Monday, August 1, 2011

First birthday card

Today I received one of the most beautiful 1st birthday invitations I've ever seen.

I wish this had been a tradition when my own children had their first birthday, because it adds to the festive feeling of the occassion.

Here we don't have parties during the pregnancy, the so-called baby showers, and the first birthday is a rather quiet event in most families, celebrated with the grandparents and a few friends.
But we do send cards when a baby is born and they're far more a form of art than in America.
One of my american friends was very impressed by our birthcards and she saved them all.
Today she called, not long after we received the card. (Did she track it?)
She sounded so happy that I got tears in my eyes.
Many people take babies for granted. A couple marries, gets children and that's it. But she knows better and so do I.
So we shared our gratefulness for the little life of her grandchild.
We didn't expect it to grow a year old after so many miscarriages, so I wasn't surprised that the card said that a miracle had happened and should be celebrated.

She doesn't know a small present is on it's way to the birthdaychild.
She'll see. ;)


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