Saturday, August 6, 2011

A dress and girls

Today we went with one of the girls shopping.
Her sister enjoyed some additions to her wardrobe last week and ofcourse we want them both to have about the same.

Today was her turn.
She wanted to go to a small town, because they have a lovely candyshop there.

She was very happy to find it back and ofcourse made her choice.
I didn't take anything as the sweets were moist, due to the high humidity and the bagged ones were far too expensive.

We also visited a very nice shop with a marine theme. I especially liked the lighhouses and a very nice waxseal.

In a small shop she bought denim trousers, and a nice dress.
She had a smaller size, but just in time I discovered an ugly spot. The owner tried to remove it, which didn't work out, and didn't offer a discount. So we decided to buy it one size larger and if necessary I would adjust it at home.

I planned to work in the garden today, but it didn't happen. Well, there are more days to do so.


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