Sunday, August 28, 2011


Sharing a car is not always fun, but sometimes all is well in the end.

Our son needed the car for the weekend, and we were not happy with it. We had plans.

One of the girls needed to go somewhere and we couldn't go there by bus, as the busstop was to far away from the place she needed to be.
The oldest jumped in and said he would bring her by bicycle.

The weather was so terrible that they decided not to go when they were already on their way. The rain was too much.
They went to town, had a look at a historical event which was disappointing due to the weather and then went to have dinner together at the home of the oldest. What a nice way to spend the afternoon and early evening.

We, here, got the groceries in, and had our dinner too.
Then suddenly we got a call. The car was available.

So we can bring our daughter to the two day event after all. Dry, and from door to door.
And as tomorrow will be extra special, our daughter won't have missed anything. On the conteary, if she would have gone today, she would have missed the final events.



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