Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheap glasses

This summer is the most surprising and strange summer we've ever had.
Well, OK, we haven't seen snow...yet...but that's about all we haven't had.

We've had the highest and lowest temparature records and the driest and wettest months.

Now we've got a car we try to escape the bad weather by going to either an indoor shopping centre or something like that, or we're confronted with very hot and humid weather which asks for special clothing and accessories.

Because the sunglasses for the drivers stay in the car we wanted cheap sunglasses of high quality.
Ofcourse we put them in the glovecompartment when we leave the car, but there are so many burglaries the past months that I think it't wise to take into account that someone mighht get into the car and take the replica Ran Ban Sunglasses for the real ones.
Already when my daughter came from Turkey she said that those classes can't be distinguished from the real ones, and she's right. Just two weeks ago a friend's care was broken into in the middle of the night and all she missed were her sunglasses and a booklet with discounts for the carwash.

Well, now those glasses can be bought both in the USA and overseas for 9 dollars, and very low shipping fees (third one for free) it's well worth to order an extra pair matching your summerclothes. In our case we each ordered a pair matching our raincoat, as rain is expected for the complete next week.

Happy vacation!


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