Friday, August 19, 2011

The cabinet

For quite a while now we wanted a new closet/cabinet in the bathroom. You know, one that fits under the tap.

Last time we saw an affordable one one of our sons needed it far more than we, so he bought it.
They had only one available.

Yesterday we found out that one of the shops was going to sell ones today, and we asked our son to fetch one, as it was his turn to use the car.
Ofcourse that wasn't a problem.

All day I waited for him to deliver the package, but nothing happened.
After dinner he called he would come after the bad weather would have gone.

It was bad weather indeed.
Lots of lightning and especially lots of vertical lightning.
In Belgium people were killed because of it.
Here internet stopped for a short while.

When the worst was over our son delivered the package.
It was very heavy and we sure will have a far more luxurious piece of furniture tomorrow after I've assembled it.

I saw at his face that there was a story to tell.
Turned out he went to a shop and asked one of the people there to have a look at the storeroom. That was done, but no closet was found.
They took the leaflet and it turned out he was at the wrong shop.

When he was at the right shop there were only three ones left.
They only had 15 ones for today, so we are very lucky.



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