Monday, August 15, 2011


This morning one of the neighbouring kids rang the front door bell and asked for the girls to come out to play.
I'm used to that.
For 25 years now kids call at the door for my kids.
When we came to live here it was our choice to live in a young neighbourhood, and going to the door many times a day was part of it all.

But I thought it was have stopped by now.

Turns out some of the children in the neighbourhood feel bored often.

They all have large rooms with lots of toys and books, the latest computergames. Some even have their own TV. They've got plenty of family around, memories of a vacation in a far country, etc etc.

Yet, they prefer to ask my kids to drop everything and spend time with them.
Suddenly they're interested in traditional games, and other things to spend their time.

My girls have to make a choice between them and a thousand other things to do.
They're never bored.
The time I've spend with them to teach them how to play, how to think to find something to do, has paid off.
I've been reading at least an hour a day with them, and now they love reading. Last week I was told that one of them took the time to read for her small child to keep it quiet when her mom had a headache. Isn't that nice?

Problem of never being bored is that at the end of the vacation there's still a lot to do.
The list of "what-to-do" is always too long, because my kids can keep themselves busy.

So I'm going to call them and tell them one of the kids of the neighbourhood asked for them.
For the first time in a week a bleak sun is appearing.
I'm sure my friend has the lemonade ready in the back garden.



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