Monday, August 22, 2011

Wrong news!

The TV news came with the message that Khadaffi was caught and in prison.
I was amazed as none of the other newsagencies came with the same message.
I could only find that two sons of Khadaffi were caught.

Maybe I'm too old fashioned, but when a fact like that is launched I want to see it acknowledged.
So I called a fellow friend journalist and he was as amazed as I am. Even though it was rather late and he usually was asleep at that time, he got on the phone and checked and checked and came back to me telling that I was right... he wasn't caught yet.

How trustworthy is a newsagency when it doesn't check it's news?

A while ago I saw it took other news, and prestented it, sometimes 3 days later, as actual news.
I'm glad that it's not allowed anymore and they will be fined if they do it again.
Now they lack news, it seems.

But no nows is better than wrong news, don't you agree?


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