Friday, August 5, 2011

Being a foreigner

One of the main things we feel is important in raising children is giving them the experience that they can take care of themselves in a foreign country.
We haven't been able to take long vacations elswehere and ofcourse school privided a couple of opportunities, but it's different when you're abroad as yourself, instead of as a member of a group.

Feeling free to move around and do your things, surpassing the feeling of being a tourist or a foreigner, requires more.

Now we've got a car we're able to cross the border at a regular basis. We buy most of our bread and vegetables in Germany at the moment. It sounds ridiculous, but it's cheaper there than here.
Whenever one or more of the kids want to go with us, they can.

They're starting to know the supermarkets, the way things are ordered there, the way people deal with each other and speaking a different language isn't exciting anymore, but just a way of communicating.

It's good to see they can relate with people there too. It gives them confidence they can handle things wherever they are and that's good.

We're no longer inhabitants of a country, but world civilians.
One of the kids of their group at school lives in the area we visit, and several of our friends do. Building a house is cheaper than here.
Quite some students cross the border to study here and vise versa.

One of the girls considers either a balletcarreer (but the recession doesn't help as there are enormous cutbacks on art) or a carreer as a sports teacher. We do have schools here to study the subject, but there are also good ones across the border.

We´re broadened their world and that world shouldn´t stop at the nearby border.


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