Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to the past

After seeing people for many years focussing on the future, it's intriguing to see the change that is taking place.
Maybe it's a consequence of the recession that people are more willing to see what they've got instead of listing what they want.
Maybe it's not even looking to what their wealth is, but it's a cheer wish to innovate and a complete lack of creativity.

Fact is that old ideas are embraced again or even presented as completely new.

Take for instance education.

Last week suddenly the idea popped up to make special classes for girls and boys, because boys have an intellectuial backlag on girls.

I've had my basic education in mixed classes, but after that went to a girls' school.
Me oh my. I felt like being imprissoned, because there were so many rules and regulations that were made to fit girls and education was far less interesting. I missed the discussions on scientific subjects, for instance.
I praised myself lucky that soon after I attended that school there was a merger with the boys school and I was part of a mixed class again. Boys were not really behind, they had a different way of acquiring knowledge and they and different interests, but in the end we did the same exams and the results were comparable.

I don't understand the wish to create different classes again, because the last years the trend has been to more individualised education. So any differences might be tackled without problems.

But I guess that the very same minister who inititated these changes when she was secretary of state, now works towards saving money and throwing the pupils on piles with one teacher education the large numbers is cheaper.

Interesting is that some people think that making seperate classes will also have large political consequences, because certain religions like to have seperate casses, to influnece women to stay at home again.



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