Friday, July 1, 2011

That'll be three years in a row

It has been a turbulent day, but a good one.

In the morning the day seemed to be like every other one, with kids going to school, the chores and all the rest.
Then a friend came to visit, curious if my son had finished his studies, and another one.
While I was making coffee they were talking about ATV Parts, our car, theirs and the fact that a dear friend needs help with his paper. Ofcourse I said I would jump in. I hope he'll accept me in his team, as we both have a different approach in writing.

Ofcourse my son did his last hour well and I'm happy to say that he's a security guard now. At monday he'll get his diploma. Isn't that great?

So we had a rather festive afternoon, when the phone rang and the class teacher of one of the girls asked for her.
She got very stressed and so did we.
But then it became clear it was all positive news: she's through to the final year of school.
So hopefully this time next year we'll have another diploma ceremony waiting.

In the evening it became clear that no call would come for the other girl, which meant she passed too! She works at a higher level than her sister and that means that her school lasts a year longer.
Meaning that the year after next she should get her diploma. LOL!

We had a happy evening watching TV. Too tired to bother to eat the cake we bought this afternoon. Just sitting together feeling good about the kids have accomplished this year. All hours of helping with homework forgotten. All far too early mornings: forgotten.

We did it!


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