Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today I took the time to go through the shoeboxes in my room.
It has been quite a while and to be honest, I forgot what was in the boxes.

I felt like a child opening cookieboxes and finding the best cookies in the world.

Because my life is so busy I try to do what is available and the contents of shoeboxes are not available enough.
So I found a new pair of my favorite shoes. When I finally had to throw away those I was wearing I felt a bit lost, as I couldn't afford a new pair. Turned out I bought not only two pairs that year in the sales, but a third pair too. When I saw them I remembered that one of the boys went to that town and wanted to ring me a third pair from the sales.
I also found a pair of high heels a friend gave me because they didn't fit her.
I don't often wear high heels, but I put the boxes at a place which is far more convenient, so I will wear them... promiss.

Beside these surprises I also found a pair of moccasins. I knew they were there somewhere, but now I know again in which box, so I will certainly use them often.
I used to wear moccasins a lot. Good ones adjust to the feet easily and have the perfect fit. The leather is convenient in both summer and winter.

Opening each shoebox was like opening a present.
Now the children don't need me as much as they used to I'll be back in those boxes far sooner to enjoy the shoes.

I'll tell you more about the other boxes, but not today.


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