Friday, July 29, 2011

She uses a cash advance

It's getting harder and harder to make ends meet.
This week we used the sales to give the children the shoes they need, both for daily use and gymnastics at school. Immediately after coming home I sprayed them with protective spray to prevent them from getting dirty and to leak when it rains.
It's far better than waiting until the end of the summer, even though the last fashion will be in the shops by then.
I'm glad that part of my kids don't care what they wear and the girls have a good insight in fashion, so they can really be happy with what they bought.

In one of the shops I saw a friend who told me she admired us all for dealing with a large family and still having my kids dressed up to date.
She told me she had to decide to get a check city payday cash advance, because she couldn't stretch her money to the end of the month. She uses a cash advance to make ends meet this month, hoping she can pay it all back and have enough money for the whole next month.
It works for her, because she always earns more in august and september.

Many people get in trouble because their checks bounce or they pay too late.
This morning I heard an item on the radio about the enormous high administration costs for overdue bills.

Well, out decision this year was not to book a hotel or house for the vacation but to stay at home. Good decision, considering the weather of july.


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