Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schooltrip 2011

The girls had their schooltrip today.
They went to an attraction parc... just for a few hours.

32 euros is what those few hours cost.
That's 46 dollars!!!

And they were there only a few hours, because the bus went back before the traffic jams started to grow.

Ofcourse they could have waited for the evening jams to disappear, which meant being there until closing time.
That would have been good use of the ticket.

Both girls had regrets they were not able to see and do more.
They also thought that the school shouldn't have a schooltrip anymore which is so very expensive and which doesn't use the full time available.

Nevertheless they enjoyed their day and were terribly tired.
They even forgot to eat fruitcake after dinner. That says enough, doesn't it?


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