Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A sad anniversary

Some people and nations feel the need to use power and force to influence the lives of others.
We've seen it through history so often.

On the other hand there are people who don't feel the need to tell others how to lead their lives and who respect peacefulness, care and compassion.
These peope are not only individuals, they are also a complete nation.
But even though they mind their own business and don't and won't hurt anyone the suffer the worst human beings can do to each other: emprisonment, killing, ethnic cleansing, etc etc.

There's no need to mention names (and return my blog to a status that readers from a certain large country can't see the blog), as you all know which people I'm talking about.

It's a sad knowledge that 6 times 10 years ago these people saw their country invaded and since then over a million people have been killed, and lots of people had to travel by foot through terrible conditions to find a better life.

There is a lot to say and a lot to explain about the situation, but most important is our continuous attention for human rights, which are continously violated.


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