Friday, July 15, 2011

Preparing 4 days marches

This weekend the festivities around the international 4 days marches start, and next week the actual marches begin.

I feel so sorry for all the people who worked so hard to make it into a huge success again.
They were all changing our town to enable millions of people to enjoy either the sportive event or the festivities.
The festivities consist mainly of open air concerts all over town. On sunday there's a special event in the football stadium with music and ofcourse the flags of all the participating countries.
We've gone often to this special event and today we had to take the decicion to go or not to go.
With a large family it's always fun to go, but it's also a financial problem.

The kids were disappointed we tended to decide not to go, but then we heard the weather forecast: rain and rain and rain, and far too low temperatures.
That's no fun to sit in a fotoball stadium for almost 4 hours.
So we're all behind the decision not to go this year.

I feel sorry though, for all those people who have practiced a lot and who worked so hard to make the events a pleasure for as much people as possible.
They had to secure everything today as we got a weatheralarm. A summerstorm.

Last week a crane tumbled over and damaged a building, and no one wants that to happen again, ofcourse. So instead of constructing stages and such, the workers where trying to secure what they had built up till now.

Good work guys!


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