Friday, July 22, 2011


Our local paper needs advertisements to exist, but does that mean it has to lower itself to a tabloid and police-paper?

Each day the paper starts with at least 3 articles with a police related item. Most of the time the number is between 5 and 10. No in debt articles, but just a mention of some sort of offence or crime.
Not interesting at all.

I wonder if there's a correlation between those junk articles and those pop-over advertisements which are terribly annoying.

One of the main banks of our country uses orange as it's signal colour.
Imagine reading the paper and suddenly the whole screen turns orange without any warning.
Would you like that bank better or not?
I bet your answer is "no" too.

I wonder if those pop-over advertisements would be necessary of they skipped the police articlettes. (Can't call 15 lines and article, can I?)

Or is the police paying for their own articles?

Don't think I'll even get a proper answer.


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